Photography by Erio Forli, Henryk Hetflaisz

Helaine Blumenfeld

Nicola Upson
Catalogue accompanying Helaine Blumenfeld, a solo exhibition at Het Depot Sculpture Gallery (3 June - 30 September 2007). A major presentation of Blumenfeld's work by a public gallery housing one of the largest single collections of her sculpture.

Helaine Blumenfeld’s work communicates on many different levels – visual and imaginative, tactile and emotional – but underlying everything is an insistence on growth and development. There is a depth of connection in this exhibition which is not simply for the well-informed, or for those trained in the myths and history of a single culture, and an urgency to believe that sculpture – by resisting cynicism and rhetoric – can be a language of genuine social change.

Abridged from the Forward by Loek Dijkman, Chairman of the Het Depot Foundation

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