The Sculpture of Helaine Blumenfeld

Edward Lucie-Smith
The earliest monograph about Blumenfeld's sculpture illustrating the first two decades of her oeuvre.

Lucie-Smith’s introduction attempts to define Blumenfeld’s work within the context of a “changed landscape” in which “it seemed as if sculpture could embrace almost anything.” Blumenfeld’s use of traditional techniques, carving stone or wood, or casting modelled forms in bronze, the author suggests, “achieves a far from conventional result.”

The author’s chronological survey, beginning with the single figures expressing introspection and moving onto works reflecting relationships with other people as well as increasing abstraction, sculptures free to move and turn on their base and differently textured pieces, reflects the layout of the book’s purely visual sections, provided exclusively by renowned photographer David Buckland.

Emphasis is also placed on the sculptor’s process of working, and on her collaboration with the artisans of Pietrasanta, both of which are supported by a ‘Documentary’ section showing Blumenfeld at work in various contexts.

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