Max Wykes-Joyce
The New Sculpture of Helaine Blumenfeld 1982 - 1988

Blumenfeld is one of the rare artists who is truly concerned, philosophically as well as artistically, about the basic questions of sensuality, vision, and craftsmanship.

As an artist of enormous energy, originality and imagination, there is something almost obsessive about her quest. Her works are not concerned with the worlds of science and technology; they do not question our assumptions of the day to day meaning of the material objects which surround us. Instead they question us: our spirit, our interior, our souls. And here she speaks in metaphors with an extensive range of allegorical allusions. One can sense a strong mythological setting, and yet the restlessness of the sculpture is very much of this age. Blumenfeld explains: “In Italy I work in the midst of a community of craftsmen . . . but essentially I am very isolated and do all of my modelling alone. Working in this environment, I began to appreciate the extent to which our lives, our relationships, and our personalities are changing.”

[extract from introduction]

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