Blumenfeld in RBS Fellows Debate


Ode to a Tool

On 28 January 2015, three eminent RBS Fellows, Helaine Blumenfeld OBE FRBS, Bruce Gernand FRBS and Michael Petry FRBS, introduced their most loved tools sparking a lively debate on the role of the hand, the digital and the skills of the master craftsman in the creation of contemporary sculpture chaired by Geoffrey Matthews, RBS Council Member and Secretary of the Chelsea Arts Club.

Royal British Society of Sculptors

The vastly disparate styles and methodologies of these distinguished artists illuminated the central theoretical discourse regarding the contributions of concept and craft to art. Refracted through the context of three contemporary art practices, surprising synergies and differences emerged in what was a dynamic panel discussion.

If you missed this exciting event or would like to recap, download a recording of the talks from the RBS website copy this link into your web browser

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